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I believe strongly in collaborative web design. The end product should reflect your unique vision and business goals - not your web designers. The most successful sites are those that are produced by a mutual effort between web designer and client. After speaking on the phone or meeting in person, if you should decide to hire me as your designer I will ask you to fill out my website intake form. This form will enable me to clearly see your vision and goals. Generally, the most successful sites are those where the client provides me with a more complete vision and details. This also helps to avoid a ton of editing and changes being made which can make the process more time consuming and stressful. As a small business and sole proprietorship, Scott Fox Digital Services understands the needs and budgetary concerns of the small business owner. Call today or fill out the contact form to get started!


Scott Fox Digital Services is a small business and sole proprietorship that understands the needs of the small business owner and web enthusiast. Small businesses, blog writers, e-commerce companies and educational institutions are among our best clients. I provide affordable web design services that are tailored to your needs and specifications. Our collaborative web design process ensures you get exactly what you want while keeping your costs down. I offer a free phone or in person consultation to answer any questions you may have or feel free to fill out the contact form on the right for a timely response!

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SEO Ready Websites

While my primary focus is on the functionality and design of your site (how it operates and looks), I also design all my websites with Search Engine Optimization in mind. The function and appearance of your website is important but it is equally important to think about how you will make the website visible to potential customers and drive traffic to the site. Among the hundreds or even thousands of websites you are competing with, how will customers find you? Search engine optimization is the process by which your site is enhanced to make it more easily found by search engines, such as Google or Bing. My sites are designed as “Search Engine Ready.” This means I take the first steps in preparing your site for an SEO campaign. On your client intake form, you will be asked to provide page titles, keywords, and page descriptions for me to place in the code of your web pages. This will help search engines “read” your site more efficiently when deciding the results to give for a search query. I also register your site with Google and Bing after it is complete to ensure that your site is included in their databases. I will also set up a Google Webmaster account for you so you can monitor the activity and traffic on your site. These steps ensure that you are on the right path and will enable your SEO specialist (if you choose to hire one) to have a solid starting point. If you decide to hire a SEO specialist at the start to conduct a campaign for you, I will work with him/her in adjusting your keywords, titles, descriptions, or any other coding actions that will help with the success of your campaign.